Lameness Exams

Athletic Equine is focused on Sport Horse Medicine and is equipped with the latest technology and therapy options to work with your horse to return it to its level of competition and comfort.  We offer complete state-of-the art equipment and services for the best diagnostics and treatment programs.

Our digital ultrasound and radiology equipment allows for instant evaluation and supreme quality pictures to make the best evaluation possible.

Shockwave, stem cell therapy, PRP, and IRAP allow for cutting-edge therapies to help your horse’s injuries have better healing and often a decreased recovery time.

Alternative therapies such as the Equi-tape (TM) and class IV laser therapy add additional, non-invasive options for a complete physical therapy program.

Having a thorough, proactive physical therapy program is essential to proper healing and return to work.  Athletic Equine provides the best means for you and your horse to return to your normal enjoyment of your equine sport.